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Instructor:  Ginny Wiser, Cisdesco Diplomat

Class Dates:   September 12, 2023  & September 24, 2023 

Class Times:   9am to 4pm   


Cellulite, weight loss, detoxification, limming, and remodeling are all issues that will have clients seeking out body wrap sessions. Slim Spa offers 4 different treatments which target all of your clients needs. During this class, you will learn indications, contraindication and disorders and diseases of the skin that may be a contraindication for wrapping, HIV and other skin pathologies, sanitation, sterilization and an overview of products and ingredients that are effective in the treatment as a wrapper. Finally, you will also learn how to give a body wrap.


Be prepared to give and receive a treatment during class time.


Qualifies for  Certification

Class Prerequisites:

* One set of fitted and flat sheets (twin sized) and two large bath towels.

* Make sure to wear a bathing suit to class  OR  Bring Cotton Undergarments!

Slim Spa Body Wrapping

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