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          Ginny Wiser started her career early on in life, coming from a family history of beauty styling and cosmetology. Having worked her way up from an in-home salon, she made her way through a myriad of different schools around Florida, constantly seeking to broaden her horizons and learn as much as possible. Her repertoire and knowledge of cosmetology first started in the Cape Coral Beauty School, where she then graduated from institutions such as the Venice School of Massage, Digits Institute of Reflexology of California, LeBaron Academy of Cosmetology, and, ultimately, received a diploma from CIDESCO, being the perfect capstone on her education before she set her sights on teaching. 

          In 2000, Ginny became administrator of Bonita Springs School and sought to share her knowledge with others. This led to an expansion and overhaul in what was taught there, where she more than quadrupled the available selections and brought in some of the most talented instructors in all of Florida, only ever accepting excellence in her curriculum and staff. Now, having mastered every aspect of the craft, she has passed on her vast knowledge to the thousands of graduates of her school, and is always on the look out for new talent and a deeper understanding of new therapies to help people in the beauty and wellness industry.

Ginny Wiser
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