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Instructor: Ginny Wiser, Cidesco Diplomat

Class Dates: Monday February 20, 2023

Class Times: 9am -3pm


Interested in making money in an easy to enter, lucrative market? This certification allows you to deliver high-end brow services and enter one of the largest beauty markets in the industry.


Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed when a client calls to set up a brow wax or tweeze appointment? Now, you can learn how to work more efficiently and effectively using new skills which will help keep your stress levels down and energy levels up, allowing you to go home at the end of the day feeling confident and ready to go to work the next day. By producing better results for your clients, you can earn more revenue, meaning more money (and more referrals!). No longer will you settle for $12, $15, $18 for a brow service……learn how to double, or triple your service prices and appointments. Premium services means premium rates!


In this course, you will learn and master the following techniques and details:

• The secret to forming a line that instantly makes you a better brow artist

• Learn how to do a facial analysis. If you do consultations for facials and skin, why shouldn't the same apply to brows?

• Learn the anatomy of the eyebrow

• Learn how facial zones affect your eyebrow design

• Learn how face shapes and setting of the eyes affect eyebrow design

• Learn step by step corrections for the most common brow blunders work.


Work smarter, not harder! Fill your book with brow design clients easily with the knowledge from this premiere brow class.


A model recommended at 12:00 pm.


Course Addons:

• Brow Manuel and Kit (FREE!)

Bring Your Own: Stainless Steel Stork Scissors and Slanted-tip Tweezers

Kit includes: Brow Brush, Brow Pencils (2), Brow Sharpener, Silver Tube gel or cream, Brow Concealer, wipes, cotton rounds, cleanser, hand sanitizer eye pads or cubes, and a tool box case!

Signature Brow Styling

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