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Class Instructor:  Ginny Wiser, Cidesco Diploma

Class Dates: TBD, 2022   

Class Times: Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Class Fee: $200 Inc. Microneedle Roller and Product Kit


Attention all barbers, cosmetologists and aestheticians!


Finally you have a tool and a treatment to offer clients that are having issues with hair loss. Microneedling therapy helps clients restore hair loss through booster serums and microneedling treatment. This therapy, coupled with a healthy hair care regime at home, will offer your clients results that wouldn’t normally be achieved through conventional therapies. Attending this class will open another door of opportunity for you to help your clients, as well as allow you to offer a new service!


Model not required but encouraged if available per enrollee!


Course Addons:

* Bio-roller (FREE!)

* Serum Starter Kit (FREE!)

Additional Fee for Professional Electric Pen


Microneedling for Hairloss & Alopecia

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