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Instructor: Ginny Wiser, Cisdesco Diplomat

Class Dates: July 23, 2023

Class Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Messo- Micro Needle therapy Level Two


Advance your knowledge by introducing meso-needle therapy by use of a high frequency meso- therapy machine, Level 1 must be taken to perform the meso - therapy which will be exchanged between attendees so bring your own esthetic linens and supplies. Serums and induction therapies will be supplied by instructor. This treatment alone has a service fee greater than taking the class so it is a great treatment to receive so you can experience as well as learn a new treatment to offer your clients.......


Be prepared to exchange services with other students.


Class Prerequisites:

* Must have completed Level 1

* One set of fitted and flat sheets (twin sized), a spa wrap, and four towels.

Prepare to Receive and Give this Treatment....No injectables for 2 weeks Prior!


Class Addons:

Included: Free Professional Serum for home use!

* Machines may be ordered day of class at wholesale cost!

Meso-Therapy Level 2

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