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Instructor:_____Krista Cosio

Class Dates: Friday May 17th, 2024

Class Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm



This two day curriculum includes a standard lash kit, online training, and a hands-on day-training with a lash certified instructor. All students must do the training with the standard kit provided. Salons or spas that have two or more individuals to purchase one training with kit at $799  and the others at $499/person without a kit. Each student will be CIMA certified, ensuring that you are provided with the training and tools from a company with a solid reputation for superior, professional, quality training, as well as our own customized line of premium products focused on the highest quality ingredients, and superior customer support with over 15 years of hands-on experience in the beauty industry. Our 30 -hour course consists of an online training to be completed before the hands on training. The hands on training will be with the instructor in school and will consists of a morning and an afternoon model application which is required to complete the program. This course is specially designed to give beginners the knowledge and confidence to successfully apply Eyelash Extensions and perform a Classic look. Advanced techniques like volume lashes etc. will be offered at the request of the students for an additional fee.


Technique is the single most important aspect of the application. Without the proper training, a technician would find it extremely difficult to successfully apply eyelash extensions. A failed attempt could negatively impact the reputation of the technician and the salon. The training has a low student to instructor ratio, ensuring the highest one-on-one time with students. Our  instructors undergo rigorous training to ensure you receive the absolute best training available.


The GLAD  Eyelash Extension Kit provided with this class includes:

This 200+ piece classic eyelash extension kit comes complete with a collection of award-winning mixed length, single strand extensions (3 trays), glue, remover, tweezers, tape, palettes, and much much more - all handpicked and curated for every lash lover and lash artist. This lash extension training kit is ideal when first starting out as it takes the guesswork out of purchasing your first lash extension products.

Rest assured you'll have everything you need for your first 8-10 sets.   If purchased separately, these items retail for more than $200+.

  • Lashes included - 3 trays of GladGirl Signature Mink Lashes:
  • Eye Gel Patch - 10 pairs
  • 3M Micropore Medical Tape - 2 Rolls
  • 3M Double Sided Tape
  • Mascara Wands - 25pcs
  • Micro Brushes - 12pcs
  • Eyelash Cleansing Brush
  • Curved Tweezer 4.50"
  • Ribbed Precision Point Tweezer 5.50"
  • Disposable Glue Tray - 50pcs
  • Lash Layout Base
  • Appointment Cards - 25pcs
  • Display Sticker
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Rose Gold Nylon Travel Case


Again, this 30- HOURS  course begins with an online class. You must have completed the online portion to do day two! Registration must be received 2 weeks before class to allow enough time for the day one online portion.


Two models will be needed, one at 10:30 am and the other at 2:30 pm.

Lash Extension Certification by Butterfly

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