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Instructor:  Ginny Wiser, Cidesco Diplomat

Class Dates:   Sunday, September 24,   2023


NOTE:  Attendees  NO recent medical injectables 4-6 weeks prior to class!


Includes: Pen and Basic Kit with HA Serum Ampoules  $499  OR  

$295 Class only, Manual, and Treatment Exchange with another attendee!


Hyaluron Pen is a revolutinary change in the beauty industry that allows aestheticians the advantage of providing infusion of hyaluronic acid and other serums without the use of needles. The non-invasive device has been used for years in the medical field for people that have needle phobias but want to see results that plump of the skin and fine lines without the pain of injectables. During this class you will learn:


  • Hyaluron Pen vs. Injectables
  • Differences of Hylauroni Acid
  • Different Types of Pens
  • Setting up Pen
  • Client Consultation/Consent Form
  • Contraindications
  • Injection sites
  • Service Fee Suggestions
  • Procedure
  • After Care
  • Rescheduling 

Note:  Registration for this class (3) weeks before class date with 50% deposite.  Balance due (3) days before class is scheduled.



Hylauron Injectable Pen

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