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Instructor:  Ginny Wiser, Cisdeco Diplomat

Class dates: Saturday, March 18, 2023

Class times: 9am to 3pm 


This multi-function treatment offers 6 different technologies in the palm of your hand. With the choice to utilize a specific one, or use all six, you are able to administer treatments like never before.. Learn functions and applications of each of these therapies to bring a multitude of anti-aging therapies. You decide which therapy is best to choose for your clients skin!


Hydra water dermabrasion is an exciting NEW technology that combines the efficcy of Microdermabrasion, vacuum system and new Aqua Fuse hydration system. It is a lot gentler than crystal microdermabrasion or diamond dermabrasion as only water is used, and we use professional quality machines.

The unique hydra-dermabrasion tip fires out thin and tiny streams of water, polishing the skin in high speed via vacuum suction, while the liquid helps moisture the skin in the mean time.


Oxygen therapy, Radio Frequency,  Ultra-Sound, Cold Therapy, and LED are additional options to add to your menu of services.  Each of these therapies provide specific benefits to increasing collagen and elastin, skin tightening, and cell renewal factor and cell metabolism!  This treatment would cost approximately $200-250 per service so the certification class at $150 fee is well worth your time!

H2O Jet and Hydra Peel

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