Instructor: Ginny Wiser, Cidesco Diplomat

Class Dates:   Sat. Jan, 15, 2022   OR Thursday   May 12, 2022

Class Times:  Sat.  10:00pm - 4 pm   OR  Thursday  5:15pm to 9:15pm


This unique machine offers multiple treatments from body exfoliation, to cellulite reduction and body sculpting. The endermatherapy treatment is approved by the FDA as an alternative to liposuction, making this a definite money maker for estheticians, massage therapists, and cosmotologists. Learn how to incorporate endermatherapy into your business via this hands-on class.


Be prepared to receive a treatment during class time.

Class Prerequisites:

* One set of fitted and flat sheets (twin sized), a spa wrap, one large bath towel, and four facial towels.


Class Addons:

* Set of instructions and home care supplies (FREE!)

GX99 Endermatherapy