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Instructor: Ginnt Wiser, Cidesco Diplomat

Class Dates:

Level One: Monday,      May 8, 2023    9am-3pm    OR   

                                                                            5:15pm -10:15pm         

Level Two :Wednesday May 10, 2023  9am -3pm   

Night Class Dates:       May 8, 2023   5:15pm to 10:15pm

Level One:  Tuesday,     May 9, 2023   9 am -  3pm    OR   

Level Two:   Thursday   May 9, 2023  9 am - 3pm     OR   

Class Times:  SEE ABOVE



The Egyptian method of Pressure Point Therapy of Reflexology teaches you how to see and feel tender reflex areas, so that you do not hurt anyone. The two day workshop will be taught by an associate of Mr. Lynn Nelson, "Mr. Reflexology", the founder and owner of Digits International Institute. This is a fun and informative seminar where you will be surprised at what you learn about yourself through your own hands and feet.


Be prepared to receive a treatment during class time.

Class Prerequisites:

* You will need to bring 6 hand towels to class.


Class Addons:

* Reflexology Workbook (FREE!)

Pressure Point Therapy Hands and Feet

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