Class Instructor: Ginny Wiser, Cidesco Diplomat

Class Date:  Sat.   June 11, 2022

Class Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Be among the first of your friends to begin using what luxury spas have been using for years – the 24-Karat gold leaf treatment! Both hydrating and firming, the Cleopatra treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in smooth and radiant skin. Gold locks in moisture in the skin and keeps the epidermis firm by maintaining collagen in the skin and inhibiting the breakdown of elastin. Learn how to use this treatment in this course, along with how to use the special 5-in-1 machine! This treatment is usually offered for $250 to $350 per service, so it is well worth the class. You even get to receive the treatment yourself!


Products available for purchase day of class.

Be prepared to exchange this service between attendees.


Class Prerequisites:

* One set of fitted and flat sheets (twin sized), a spa wrap, and a headband.

Cleopatra's "Golden" Anti-Aging Treatment