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Instructor:_____Ginny Wiser, Cidesco Diplomat

Class Dates:    Tuesday ......TBD

Class Times:_____  9am to 1pm


Forgot or Never Learned how to use an 8-function machine? Brush up your techniques even though you have been licensed for years with the use of galvanic, high frequency, spray & vac, electric brush, and the woods lamp. This class will equip you with the knowledge and treatments to use these 8-functions as well as how to use ampoules with the galvanic that have positive and negative charges.


Be prepared to receive a treatment during class time.


You will need to have a model at 3:00 pm.

Class Prerequisites:

* Two sets of fitted and flat sheets (twin sized), two spa wraps, and eight facial towels.

Brush up for the 8-Function Machine

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