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Class Dates: August 13, 2023 Between 9am to 4pm


BB Glow, a multi-dimensional treatment, combines mesotherapy technique while infusing serums and boosters into the skin to lay a foundation for the application of makeup pigments based on each clients skin type and color. BB Glow is a multi-faceted treatment allow your clients to see visible results that can last up to months. This class provides you with multiple options to customize the treatment per individual client and provide you with endless financial possibilities.


Certification with Pen and Starter Kit

This version comes with the course, where you learn how to perform a BB Glow treatment, along with an educational manuel, an in-class demo, and a service exchange between students where you will both give and receive a BB Glow treatment. You will also receive the BB Glow Micro Pen and a starter set of micro-needles (36) and nano-needles (12). In addition, you will get a Stayve Intro Kit with 5 Booster Serums and 5 Makeup Foundations, along with 3 After- Care-Treatment Masks (Aloe, Collagen, Peptide). $699.00


Certification and Starter Kit

Have your own PEN! All of the above, minus the BB Glow Micro Pen. $550


Certification Only $350

You will receive the training & certification, the education manuel, 2 Collagen/Aloe After-Treatment Masks, and you will give and receive a BB Glow treatment

BB Glow

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