Instructor:  Natalie Buechel

Sunday,  November 6, 2022   "Save the Date"


The 4hr social media marketing workshop is made to help students gain an overview of all major social media platforms and how they can be optimized for success in their businesses. In this workshop students will be coached on making social platforms for their businesses, branding, content creation, and will have a profiency in paid ad generation. The instructor will introduce numerous applications for different types of content creation including photo and video editing, content planning, basics of graphic design and more. Students will learn search word optimization techniques in order to run revenue generating ads and increase exposure of their brand. This course is made for any student wanting to leverage social media and the internet for success for their business. 

Level 2 class will be offered in the afternoon but will be an additinal fee of $50  and will require you to have a picture or info that you would like to start your posts and learn to advertise on all social media platforms.  


Social Media Marketing

  • Level 1  9-1pm  $95

    Level 2   Time:  2-4 pm    $50 

    Bring your favorite picture to post on all the platforms you learned this morning....

  • Bring your favorite picture you would like to post for second part of the class Level will use this to perform what you learned in level 1 to market yourself!