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A new age of peels using one historical ingredient that has been offered as a peeling agent by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for years (TCA). 

However, with the PRX compound the TCA does not cause any frosting or burning because it does not affect the epidermis of the skin, but instead bypasses it to stimulate the dermis. 

Learn how you can still offer a 'summer time peel' while improving the texture of the skin,  stimulating deep hydration, and provide anti-aging benefits.   This peel is  formulated for even the most sensitive skin with absolutely no down time! 

Students attending may experience a  PRX peel day of class and may purchase an individual kit for an additional fee of $230 which usually yields (2) face peels and homecare products.   


Special purchase offer day of class for your Back Bar to offer to your outside client base.  


Upcoming Class:

Sunday, September  10, 2023  Time:  9Am - 3pm   OR  Saturday,

December 9, 2023


PRX T-33 The "No Peel Peel"

  • Ginny Wiser, Cidesco Diplomat

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